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Many people often ask, does the course work? Have you tried it? How much will it make? Questions like these are often phrases of zero action. In fact most people are afriad to take action because they are not sure what they are getting into, especially before they digest a digital course like Bring The Fresh.

To make things easy, I have listed out things that you can digest in little nuggets of information. However do take note that the real deal is still in the course, going through it in it’s entirety is vitally important.

Gurus are also Newbies before they get started. 

No one is born an expert, that’s a fact! You also don’t need to be an expert the bring your message out to the public either. The important thing is to know how to bring out your message to the public and that is through your websites.

The Bring The Fresh Course consists of videos that you can go through in less then a week, but you don’t have to wait till you finish the couse to get started, you can start once you gather enough info.

Get The Most Out Of Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh Course

1. Read The Fast Start Guide

This guide contains the essential information to get you started, it takes you a few minutes to read but it is well worth the time.

2. View The Fast Start Videos

These videos will guide you on how to set things up for your websites from scratch, how to do keyword research and identifying good offers to promote. In order to make a good number of sales, the initial research of your niche market and keywords needs to be done correctly. The videos will guide you step by step on what you need to do.

3. Participate in the Forums

The Bring The Fresh forums is very active with thousands of members posting their comments everyday. If you hit a problem or that you have a question, you can simply login to the forum and ask for help. There’s many helpful users that is willing to help you out so this is definitely a plus.

Recommended IM Power Tools and Kelly Felix Goes Behind The Scenes

There’s also a bunch of videos for the tools that are used for optimizing the websites and keyword research, Kelly will also show you how SEO is done. Basically it is a all rounded watch and learn guide. Go through them once and you will be good to go!

Setup Your Money Making Websites and Start Promoting!

With all the things in place, and your websites is running, you can start promoting it and getting traffic to your site. Once you get the hang of it, you can setup more sites quickly and send traffic to those sites as well. The more sites that you build, the more chances that you will reach your financial goals online. It’s all about speed!

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